Press Releases:

Palm Computing | 3Com
February 22, 1999
Worldmind Media develops and launches a product release site for what is perhaps the most well-known of 3Com's extensive product line -- the Palm IIIx™ and the Palm V™ handheld connected organizer.

Wired Magazine
February 12, 1999
Wired Magazine uses a banner developed by Worldmind Media for Hewlett-Packard that was to be the first Wired banner advertisement built in Shockwave.

JW & Associates
January 30, 1999
Worldmind Media and JW & Associates announce a strategic alliance to increase market share. | Blue Cross
October 15, 1998
Worldmind Media was a design team on the mylifepath project.

Marin Independent Journal
October 13, 1998
Worldmind Online is voted Web of the Week for the third time.

September 1, 1998
Worldguide Online is chosen for inclusion in a national Kellogg's nutritional video.

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