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Stress is the quiet killer. It puts our body through such an adverse set of reactions which are known to have physical reactions. Stress slows digestion, can cause ulcers, high blood pressure, and other strains on emotional, mental and physical wellness. Short-term effects may be headaches, light-headedness from lack of breathing, increased irritability, indigestion, and an increased pulse rate.

Stress is a body defense mechanism in which the pituitary and adrenal glands release chemicals into the body for sudden action.

Most of us experience stress under day-to-day life hassles. If we remember to step back, and think about the situation, we can usually difuse ourselves, and aide to our overall well-being. Perhaps even more surprising, we can often diffuse the volatile situation by remaining cool and collected. And why not? So many of life's events are beyond our control anyway.

What's even more important to remember is that stress usually does very little to aid a situation. To a certain level, a small amount of stress can be positive -- helping to heighten one's awareness, increase nthinking and alertness, and aid in creative problem-solving and general industriousness. However, it very quickly becomes cxounter-productive, and is often the cause for breakdownsin communication, and other effects actually contrary to end goal.

To this end, it is almost always recommended to stay even and focused on the primary goal -- even under adverse circumstances. Here are a few things to remember which could actually prolong one's life:


Even, deep breathing can be practiced anywhere at any time. Simply draw in the breath steadily and deeply and hold it for just a moment before releasing. This simple, do-anywhere exercise help oxygenate the blood and makes one feels more relaxed, even and in control.

Muscle relaxation:

We often fill stress buildup in our neck and back -- that's because we tense up our muscles i anxious moments. Many people actually hold onto stress in muscles and the processing of fatty tissues become blocked, which can cause discofort and even pain.

Much of these exercises take place by thinking about various muscle groups. Find a comfortable place to lie down on your back -- preferably on a mat or some carpeting.

Begin my tensing muscle groups -- hard, but not to the point of cramping -- for around 12-15 seconds. Muscle goups can be the legs, arms, chest, toes, feet -- even the muscles in the face can be clenched. Then relax them; let the muscles return to a relaxed state and think about how they feel. Lie there thinking about how they feel relaxed for one minute before moving on to the next muscle group.


Following up the muscles relaxation exercises with a meditation session can be just the thing.

Find a quiet place to sit or lie comfortably. Slowly relax your mind. Sometimes it helps to think on a single thought, a single word, such as calm, relax, river, cloud, etc. Close your eyes and concentrate on that word.

If anything else comes to your mind, let it enter, and pass on through. Try your best to continue thinking about the word, but don't try to fight any thoughts. They will enter and leave, and you will learn to stop thinking altogether, which is supremely regenerative and relaxing.

Concentrate on your breathing as well. Don't concentrate so hard that you change the rythm, just remain aware of it. As you get better at meditation, this will take care of itself. Every time that you breathe in, imagine that you are breathing in relaxed and peaceful feelings. Every time you breathe out, imagine that you are breathing out tension and stress.

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