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Being educated about matters of fitness and health can help prepare you for Active Living. The challenge of optimum health is a combination of exercise, cardiovascular cross-training, a concientious diet, and a willingness to meet fitness goals through regular training.

Exercise is fundamentally making the body's system work harder than it is accustomed to working, increasing the flow of blow to the hard. Though present in most foorms of exercise, this is known specifically as cardiovascular fitness.

To be effective, an increased heart rate needs to be sustained over a period of time -- we recommend at least twenty minutes. Although, keep in mind, other factors can elevate the heart rate as well. For this reason, specific exercises and workout sessions require that an intensity level be reached, and maintained, for the duration of the exercise. Intensity can be measured by increasing one's level of oxygen consumption -- which is at the core of aerobic training.

Whatever method of training is used, frequency of training is also essential. Sessions should be done three times a week at least. We believe in intervals between training (or types of training) to allow the body to "rest."

Regular forms of aerobic exercise has proven itself to aide significantly with regard to numerous health benefits. Even a ten minute brisk walk each day can raise the heart rate, increase metabolism, decrease appetite, process fat tissue, and help regulate blood-sugar levels.

The medical community has observed that many people who are overweight suffer from high blood pressure. Aerobic exercise has been shown to help process body-fat and help to lower blood pressure.

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