The best way to purchase a bronze is for the purchaser to come to Tahiti themself for a vacation, because of the savings over third-party gallery fees. If you want to pick out the sculpture yourself, you will have a greater choice of newest material, and a getaway vacation in paradise to boot.

The second best way is for me to fly to Hawaii or the mainland with the piece and U.P.S. the work. If the purchaser is not in a hurry, I would charge only the U.P.S. rate if prepaid (sculpture and U.P.S.) If the purchaser is in a hurry then, I would demand purchase price and 1/2 airfare in advance. As I can do shopping that's all I require. Insurance is extra beyond my hands. Anyone coming to Tahiti will be met at the airport and driven to the atelier for their bronze. A Polynesian "Tama'ara" will be included but, hotel reservations must be made by purchaser.

If prepaid, we will FEDEX the sculpture to you anywhere in the world.

No catalogue is available because each piece is unique. To arrange a viewing of individual work, via slide or video, please send a fax stating specifically what you are interested in to 689.577256 (French Polynesia), Email Halverson Atelier, or air mail your request to:

Halverson Fine Art Bronze Foundry
B.P. 7231
Taravao, Tahiti
French Polynesia
The South Pacific