Worldguide: Shrubs

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A deciduous plant found in the United States with sweet, luscious bluish black fruit. These tasty berries are flavorful and a joy if found growing wild.

Although native to Brazil, this vine can be found across the mid to southern United States. It is a favorite for gardeners because of its bold red or purple blossoms. The stems contain sharp thorns.

Larrea divaricata
Also known as greasewood, the creosote bush is native to the deserts of the southwestern United States. A hearty shrub, its thick blackish stems have very small dark green leaves with small yellow blossoms in the spring.

Currant plants are small, bushy shrubs which generally prefer cool, moist climates in North America. Its sweet fruit hangs from it in bunches, like grapes.

There are many different types of fern throughout the United States and North America. The most common is the cinnamon fern. Preferring moist soil near streambeds and under forest canopies, the broad leaves of the fern spread out like a fan. The immature leaves of growing ferns are often called "fiddleheads," named after its uncoiling stems.

Fouquieria splendens
Found only in the southwestern part of the United States and northern Mexico, this cluster of slender twigs sticking up in the air make it appear dead much of the year. After the rains of winter its finger-like branches turn deep green and burst tiny flowers red as fire.

Native to most temperate parts of the world, these vines grow like bramble producing one of the sweetest berries.