Blogger Old Potatoes

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Blogger Old Potatoes
by Jeff Rogers

The minibulbous gravy trickled down her chin.
Soft, warm, and slaggy, it made the girl grin.
Plopped down on potatoes, it made potatoes drown.
Good girl to eat those, she wolfed the buggers down.

Blogger old potatoes! She threw them on the wall--
Decorate the kitchen, decorate the hall.
Decorate the doggy, hear the doggy speak.
Decorate her Mommy, hear her Mommy shriek!

The little girl she giggles, cackles at the chaos,
Spiggles at the wimpole, frowns at dental floss
Between old Mommy's fingers when girl is put to bed:
On stubborn bits Mom lingers, and gently holds her head.

Blogger old potatoes, stuck between her teeth,
Stuck between her big toes (decorate her feet);
Squish them in the sheets now, Mommy never knows
Till Mommy checks the hamper where the laundry goes.

In wishful little dreams now, on squishy rugs she flies:
Rugs of mashed potatoes, while rapid move her eyes--
Her sticky feet in slumber kick within the bed--
While gently grows the little smile that decorates her head.

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